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Fragrance Review: Dior Homme Cologne

Dior Homme Cologne

In 2007, Dior introduced some flankers to Dior Homme, one being Dior Homme Cologne.  As a self-confessed Dior Homme junkie and oh-so-occasional appreciator of citrus scents, I was a bit hesitant in buying this untested and given that there was mandarin in the top notes. My fears were unfounded when I got this because it’s become one of the best buys this year. It goes on with the citrus and lavender which (for me) quickly fades to concentrate on the iris/orris middle note which is divine. I think I actually get more iris from the cologne than the normal EDT these days, but have taken to a bit of layering – a couple of sprays of cologne and a spray of the EDT for good measure – which increases the longevity all up. On it’s own, I probably get about 4(ish) hours out of each on a good day.

I sometimes feel that the regular DH isn’t as fragrant as it used to be, and the recent reformulation (more on that in another post) supports this theory. The cologne now seems to have rebuilt the fragrance and reminds me very much of how I remember it back when it first came out.

There is a nice review over at What Men Should Smell Like on Dior Homme Cologne as well, with an interesting comment on the reformulation.